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Triplewax Liquid Gold self-drying car shampoo is the next generation of car washing. 
Liquid Gold incorporates advanced water sheeting technology so you can just wash & go � with no cloth drying required and no need for time-consuming polishing.The unique, revolutionary Liquid Gold polymer system effortlessly cuts through all types of dirt & grime. After rinsing, the water self-dries and evaporates with an iridescent effect, to leave a perfect, flawless showroom shine with no water spots or streaks. Wash & go, No manual drying required. 
*Self-drying car shampoo 
*Quick and easy-to-use 
*Outstanding results 
*No cloth drying required 
*Water Sheeting Technology � dries and shines itself, leaving no water spots or streaks 
*No need for polishing


SKU: 1900004297

    +607 562 6857

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