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> The Pilot Frixion Ball is part of the Frixion Series. It is a retractable erasable pen that allows you to write, remove and rewrite without the use of a correction tape. It is like magic! 
> Pilot Pen has developed a thermo-sensitive gel ink which disappears once it reaches a temperature of more than 65�C. 
> This can be achieved by using the rubber attached to Frixion Pen. 
> Rubbing the ink using the rubber creates friction and heat, which causes the Frixion ink to disappear. 
> If you have accidentally left your notes written with the Frixion series in a hot environment (e.g. car parked under the sun), don�t worry, the ink will reappear if you store your notes in a low temperature (i.e. below -10�C). 
> It is refillable with the BLS-FR5/7 & LFBKRF(12EF/12F). 
> Disclaimer: Do not use this pen on legal or official documents and examinations.


SKU: 1900000396

    +607 562 6857

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