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> Effectively slow down dust and ,mist particle build up providing a longer lasting shine. 
> Description: 
- Kleenso Anti-Dust Glass Cleaner is able to clean all glass and shiny surfaces faster and without streaking. 
- This special formula is excellent in its anti-dust, anti-mist and anti-static properties. It effectively slows down dust and mist particles build-up, thus providing a longer-lasting shine. 
- Ideal for car window, mirror, TV screen, tiles and porcelain. 
> Kleenso Glass & Aluminium Frame Cleaner Functions: Anti Dust; Anti Mist; Anti Static 
> Ideally For: Car Window; Mirror; Tile; Porcelain

Kleenso Anti Dust Glass Cleaner (Spray ) 500ml KHC813

SKU: 1900003506

    +607 562 6857

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