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> Air clay 
> Bright colours 
> Non toxic 
> Non stick 
-Wash hands before use, and knead day thoroughly. when clay becomes hard, please knead the clay with wet hand, clay will be soft again. 
-When making flower petals or similar small items, roll the clay out with a rolling pin, then cut with scissors. 
- Allow the finished work to dry for several days. 
- Coat the finished work with water-resistant varnish to help protect it against water, soiling, etc. 
- If a completed piece is damaged, it can be repaired with woodworking glue. 
- After use, store remaining clay in an airtight plastic bag. 
- Colors will fade if the finished work is immersed in water, do not place works where they are exposed to water, or outdoors. 
- Do not use this product for purpose other than its originally intended purpose.


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