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> Kills 99% germs instantly without water 
> Rinse-free 
> Convenient 
> Gentle of skin 
> For external use 
> Hovid Quicklean Antibacterial Hand Gel is a rinse-free hand sanitizer that helps your family fight germs while they are on the go. Quicklean leaves no chemical residue and is safe for handling of food. 
> Directions for use: Squeeze a small amount onto palm. Rub Quicklean to all parts of hands until dry without rinsing. 
> Ingredients: Alcohol Denaturated 70%, Aqua, Carbomer, Triethanolamine, Glycerin, Fragrance. 
> Not suitable for facial use 
> Avoid contact with eyes 
> Avoid contact with broken skin 
> Flammable. Keep away from heat 
> Keep out of reach of children. 
> Store below 30C.


SKU: 1900001238

    +607 562 6857

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