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"> Material: Acrylic Felt Sheets
> Size: 30CM x 20CM
Innovative, non-woven fabric, easy to cut, fold, glue, sew and staple - even to paint and draw on
The kind of Craft Felt is wonderful for all levels of crafters, from beginner to advanced crafters.
Made from synthetic fibers and with a higher density than most other synthetic crafting felts, the Acrylic Felt offers great durability for ease of manipulation, cutting and gluing without unraveling or creasing.
Perfect for cutting into shapes, making costumes, decorations, bulletin board backdrops and almost anything you can think of!
Easy to iron and sewing, this product can be used for all crafty projects!
Suitable for your craft project, such as making storage box, purse, shoulder bags, coin bags, key chain, mouse pad. They are also excellent material for making home decorations, such as artificial flowers, tissue boxes, coasters, christmas tree and gift. Decorate books, cards, frames and more!"


SKU: 1900004515

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