Electric oven, 18 liters capacity, perfect also for cooking pizza thanks to its enlarged bottom. Complete with steel grill and aluminum tray, it has an adjustable timer up to 60 minutes with end-of-time signal and settable temperature up to 230°C, temperature light, 3 cooking positions (above only, below only, above and below) and double glass.


Model: 0979/04 
Code: 00C097904AR0 
EAN: 8003705115958

 Product specifications

Capacity 18 Lt
  Power 1380 Watt
  Stainless steel grill ✔
  Aluminum tray ✔
  3 cooking positions ✔
  60-minute timer ✔
  Double glass ✔
  Temperature Ready light ✔

Ariete Vintage Oven


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