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 Kettle with a vintage design that recalls old-fashioned shapes, essential to taste moments like breakfast or tea break at their best. Equipped with removable and washable scale filter, cold surfaces, an ergonomic handle with soft touch finishing and auto-off system, it's an essential ally in every kitchen.


Model: 2869/04 
Code: 00C286904AR0 
EAN: 8003705115170

 Product specifications

Power 2000W
  Capacity 1,7 lt
  Base separate 360 °
  Water level indicator ✔
  Visible water level ✔
  Safety of cold walls and support base ✔
  Removable limescale filter ✔
  Automatic auto-shutdown ✔
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Ariete Vintage Kettle - Tall


    +607 562 6857

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